Martino Agostini

Technology, Business, Strategy … so what ?

Martino Agostini

Technology, Business, Strategy … so what ?

About Me

Martino Agostini (马迪诺)has extensive experience in managing strategic accounts, maximizing the digital business value of IT through innovation. He had exposure to an international platform, studying and working in Italy, the UK, the United States, Singapore, Shanghai and Zurich. Martino holds a B.A. in Political Science from the University of Padua (Italy) and an MBA from Manchester Business School (UK).

Martino’s approach is characterized by a Growth Mindset, with a keen focus on fostering growth in both core and digital business domains. He possesses a deep understanding of technical and business aspects, with a specialization in evaluating market developments from a macroeconomic perspective.

As a Digital Shaper, Martino excels at connecting with relevant resources and simplifying complex information. His expertise is centered around exponential technologies, future trends, and the rapid development of businesses, particularly in how emerging technologies shape society and global markets.

Known for his results-oriented and detail-focused approach, Martino boasts a track record of collaborating with top executives to address challenges and achieve tangible results. He is deeply passionate about cultivating innovative, future-focused cultures and organizational structures, firmly believing in driving change through the principles of purpose, strong team dynamics, and trust.

With a strategic, analytic, and results-oriented mindset, Martino offers his expertise in Corporate Governance, providing invaluable guidance to CxOs on digital transformation and effective complexity management. His strengths encompass innovative problem-solving, pattern recognition, and the ability to synthesize intricate information to provide actionable insights.

Martino is driven by keywords such as success through innovation, managing complexity, Corporate Governance, and growth hacking. Beyond his professional endeavors, he also serves as an advisor and lecturer in Digital Securities and Tokenization.


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