Martino Agostini

Technology, Business, Strategy … so what ?

Martino Agostini

Technology, Business, Strategy … so what ?


Legendary among aquarists, Takashi Amano is one of the biggest names in the aquascaping industry


The world’s largest Nature Aquarium created in Oceanário de Lisboa, Portugal.

Amano Lisbon

A Wabi Kusa Kusa is a new Japanese art form which, like planted aquariums, makes use of various aquatic plants. It is a ball of sphagnum moss, with aquatic plants grown around it and held down. When grown out, Wabi Kusa are wild, forest-like balls of plants growing in every direction.

Wabi-kusa” offers many advantages over general aquatic plants. The greatest feature among them is that you can handle it very easily. It doesn’t require any planting work, and can be just placed on the substrate of aquarium.

Note : The name Wabi-Kusa is a reference to the Japanese aesthetic sense of Wabi-Sabi that appeals to the beauty in the slight chaos of nature. Kusa means weeds or plants.


‘To know Mother Nature, is to love her smallest creations’
Takashi Amano


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